Your Health Manifesto

Powerful political, social and economic forces conspire against your health.

It seems that every­where you turn there’s a threat to your health

  • pol­lu­tion in the air you breathe
  • tox­ic mer­cury in the fish you eat
  • a com­put­er key­board that gives you carpal tun­nel syn­drome
  • mir­a­cle” drugs with a long list of harm­ful side-effects
  • hos­pi­tals that incu­bate dead­ly bac­te­ria immune to antibi­otics, and far more.

Your insur­ance com­pa­ny isn’t tru­ly in the busi­ness of keep­ing you healthy.  Even your per­son­al doc­tor is being forced to cut the length of appoint­ment times and pro­vide cook­book care.

The eco­nom­ics and pol­i­tics of this coun­try make it hard­er than ever to be healthy.

That’s why you have to fight back.  To respond effec­tive­ly, you’ll need some prin­ci­ples to guide you.

Here are sev­en.

1.    Health is a verb, not a noun.

Health is an ongo­ing activ­i­ty, not a fixed state of being.  If you do the things that we know to be good for you  – like eat right, exer­cise, con­nect social­ly, etc. – you’ll be gain­ing health.  But, equal­ly impor­tant­ly you’ll be empow­er­ing your­self and hav­ing a good time dis­cov­er­ing your body’s own needs.

2.    Be wary of media manipulation of reality.

We’re sat­u­rat­ed with media depic­tions of how hap­py, healthy, suc­cess­ful peo­ple are sup­posed to act and what they’re sup­posed to look like.  It’s all bogus.  You won’t find hap­pi­ness try­ing to manip­u­late your body into look­ing like a super­mod­el. Not even super­mod­els look like super­mod­els with­out the help of an army of styl­ists and Pho­to­shop experts.

Trust your instincts about what feels right for you and your body.  Feel good about your­self.

3.    Step away from your bathroom scale.

It’s dif­fi­cult to lose weight and keep it off.  Many peo­ple see their weight bal­loon up and down, or give up try­ing to con­trol their weight alto­geth­er.

So here’s a dif­fer­ent idea.  Resolve to enjoy more phys­i­cal activ­i­ty and the sim­ple plea­sure of nat­ur­al foods shared with friends.  Find a sus­tain­able path to bet­ter self-esteem.  Maybe some of the weight will come off, maybe it won’t.  But I guar­an­tee you’ll be health­i­er.  And hap­pi­er.

4.    You’ve got to spend money to be healthy.

No one is going to take care of you except your­self.  Par­tic­u­lar­ly not your insur­ance com­pa­ny.  But don’t wor­ry.  You’re worth the invest­ment.

5.    There are no quick fixes in the health universe.

Your well-being requires a con­sis­tent com­mit­ment to health action.  Over time you’ll enjoy the results.

6.    Health is wealth.

Wealth is all about hav­ing the free­dom to enjoy the plea­sures of life.  If your health is shat­tered there won’t be any enjoy­ment.

7.    Health isn’t a solo act.

Health isn’t just an attribute of you as an indi­vid­ual.  It’s as much an expres­sion of the fam­i­ly, com­mu­ni­ty, and nation­al milieu.  You’re not in this alone.  Here’s more on the biopsy­choso­cial mod­el of health.


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Polit­i­cal, social and eco­nom­ic forces con­spire against your health

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