Six Ways Your Diet is Sabotaging Your Health

What’s bothering you the most?

  • Weight gain?
  • Joint pain and mus­cle aches?
  • Bloat­ing or indi­ges­tion after eat­ing?
  • Low ener­gy, neg­a­tive mood?
  • Skin rash, asth­ma, or aller­gies?
  • Headache?
  • Get­ting sick too often?
  • Lack of men­tal sharp­ness?
  • High cho­les­terol or blood pres­sure?
  • High risk for car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease or can­cer?

Per­haps your prob­lem isn’t even on this list.  Sad to say, there are a lot of dif­fer­ent ways that peo­ple are unhealthy.

But all of these health con­di­tions have some­thing in com­mon:   A poor diet makes each of these prob­lems worse, and an improved diet could put a major dent in any of them.

foods for detox diet plans

In truth, there’s no mag­ic cure that fix­es every prob­lem for every per­son.  To attack any spe­cif­ic health com­plaint, a per­son­al­ized, mul­ti-pronged approach is need­ed.  Find out how Dr. Lavine’s Detox 2014 can help you.

What­ev­er the specifics of your prob­lem, you can make a big com­mit­ment to bet­ter health by eat­ing right.  In fact, some author­i­ties believe that with the right dietary changes, you could vast­ly reduce your risk of many degen­er­a­tive con­di­tions, such as car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease, and elim­i­nate your need for pre­scrip­tion drugs entire­ly. You’ll also avoid the harm­ful side-effects.

Instead of harm­ful side-effects, you’ll expe­ri­ence pos­i­tive effects:

  • You’ll feel bet­ter and look bet­ter
  • You’ll have more ener­gy to deal with life’s dai­ly stress­es
  • You might lose weight, and
  • If you mea­sure some of the risk fac­tors linked to chron­ic dis­ease (such as your blood pres­sure, cho­les­terol lev­els, etc.) you might find that these have improved too

Here are some of the key rea­sons your health could be out of bal­ance.

Six ways your diet is sabotaging your health

  1. Your body is over-sat­u­rat­ed with the sig­nal­ing mol­e­cules that pro­mote inflam­ma­tion
  2. Your body is loaded with tox­ic chem­i­cals that are by-prod­ucts of our indus­tri­al­ized soci­ety
  3. You can’t digest, absorb, and uti­lize your food effi­cient­ly
  4. You have an over­growth of the wrong mix of bac­te­ria in your intestines
  5. Your intesti­nal lin­ing is irri­tat­ed, allow­ing too many of the wrong mol­e­cules to pass into your blood stream
  6. You can’t reg­u­late your blood sug­ar even­ly

Dr. Lavine’s Detox 2014

Dr. Lavine’s Detox 2014 will help you over­come the nutri­tion­al chal­lenges you’re fac­ing.  It’s designed to give you an easy — yet potent — start on the road to a much, much health­i­er diet.

You might think it’s hard to eat a good diet, but it’s not.  Once you begin, all of the bar­ri­ers more or less take care of them­selves.

Find out how easy it can be to make a huge improve­ment in your health.  Learn more here.



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