Yet Another Way to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Work­place noise can dou­ble your risk of heart dis­ease.

That’s what turned up in a sur­vey of 6,000 employ­ees stud­ied under the US Nation­al Health and Nutri­tion Exam­i­na­tion Sur­vey between 1999 and 2004.ear

The authors spec­u­late that loud noise day after day stress­es peo­ple out just as much – or more – than sud­den strong emo­tions or heavy phys­i­cal exer­tion.  The stress trig­gers chem­i­cal mes­sen­gers that con­strict blood flow through the coro­nary arter­ies.  Tight­en­ing the blood flow to the heart puts you at risk of a heart attack or oth­er car­diac prob­lem.

Pro­tect your­self at work.  Insist on pro­tec­tion from noise, or rotat­ing jobs to steer away from con­sis­tent, unre­lent­ing noise.


Deepen Your Body of Knowledge

Check out Noise, the coali­tion to stop noise pol­lu­tion.

Link to the EPA’s page on noise


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