Fix Acid Alkaline Imbalance – One of the Ways to Improve Kidney Function

Alkaline Diet Protects Your Kidneys

The typical western diet is too high in acid-producing foods like meat and sugar and too low in fruits and vegetables.

That’s the health challenge that kidney specialist Nimrit Goraya, MD of the Texas A&M Health Science Center sought to address in her latest research.

A diet too high in acid-forming foods places an undue load on the kidney. Dr. Goraya hypothesized that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, or supplementation with acid-neutralizing sodium bicarbonate, would protect those at risk from further kidney damage.

Sure enough, over a three year period, individuals who balanced their dietary acids maintained much better kidney function than those who didn’t.

What This Means For You

You could wait until your kidneys have already lost some of their filtering power before you worry about the acid-alkali balance of your diet.

Or you could begin now to promote better internal health by avoiding acid-forming foods like meat and sugar and switching to a diet higher in fruits and vegetables.

It will protect your kidneys (and other internal organs) from long term stress.

And while you’re at it, don’t use sodium bicarbonate to supplement your diet. Use potassium and magnesium supplements instead. They buffer your body’s acids too, plus you get other beneficial effects as a bonus.


Deepen Your Body of Knowledge

Fixing Your Acid-Alkaline Imbalance


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  1. George Blomme says:

    Thanks for the good concise article on the potential danger to the kidneys of eating a lot of meat and sugar. Our diets, as pointed out in this and many other articles in recent years, should be focused on fruits and vegetables. So we should be cognizant of more green grocer type of food, and fewer burgers.

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