What’s Good for Your Heart is Good for Your Brain

  • Anti-oxi­dants
  • Fat­ty fish with omega-3 fat­ty acids
  • Water-sol­u­ble fiber in oats and bar­ley
  • Nuts
  • Pro­bi­otics

They’ve all been shown to improve your blood lipid pro­file and help pre­vent heart dis­ease.

Now Swedish researchers, writ­ing in the jour­nal Nutri­tion and Metab­o­lism, prove that they make you smarter, too.

The sci­en­tists gave sub­jects a heart-healthy diet with these food com­po­nents, then com­pared them to sub­jects eat­ing a diet with iden­ti­cal ratios of car­bo­hy­drates, fats and pro­tein but miss­ing these healthy addi­tions.

After only four weeks, the group eat­ing the nutri­tion­al­ly enhanced diet per­formed bet­ter on tests of brain func­tion.

Look­ing for extra brain pow­er? Start with your din­ner plate.


About Aaron Bynen

Aaron is a health conscious individual living in the Pacific Northwest.
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