Sleep Your Way to Better Health

A full com­ple­ment of restora­tive sleep is an essen­tial health ingre­di­ent.

With­out ade­quate sleep your mood gets nasty, you’re less pro­duc­tive at work, and you might even snap at your best friend.  To make mat­ters worse, you gain weight, stress your immune sys­tem, and increase your pain lev­els.

Poor sleep is just ter­ri­ble in every way.  That’s why I’ve incor­po­rat­ed the devel­op­ment of rest­ful sleep as part of Step 7 of Dr. Lavine’s Ten Step Pro­gram to Con­quer Chron­ic Ill­ness.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, for many peo­ple, a good night’s sleep is but a dream.  If you’re hav­ing sleep trou­bles, try a few of these tips:

Light Control

Your brain is designed to func­tion best when there are well-defined cycles of day­light and dark­ness.

  • Get out­side into the sun­light dur­ing the day when­ev­er pos­si­ble.  Some experts believe that, if you wear eye­glass­es, you should remove them when you’re out­side part of each day to expose your reti­nas to the full range of the sun’s radi­a­tion.
  • Dark­en your room at night if need­ed with black­out cur­tains or wear a sleep mask.
  • Avoid star­ing into com­put­er screens, tablets, or back­lit e-read­ers at night.  Your brain will think it’s day­time.


If your bed­room is noisy, use earplugs or even noise-can­celling head­phones.

Random thoughts

It can be a chal­lenge to qui­et the mind when it’s time for sleep­ing.  Every­one should have a strat­e­gy to deal with ran­dom­ly emerg­ing stress­ful thoughts.  Don’t try too hard to sleep, instead, focus on relax­ation.  Sleep will occur as a nat­ur­al result.  Calm breath­ing, mind­ful­ness med­i­ta­tion, or cre­ative visu­al­iza­tion of a relax­ing scene are all com­mon approach­es, but there are oth­er meth­ods too.

Mattress discomfort

They don’t last for­ev­er.  Is it time for a new mat­tress?

Medication review

Pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tion is the cause of a lot of sleep dis­tur­bance.  Review your pre­scrip­tions with your doc­tor or phar­ma­cist.


The total time you sleep through­out the day counts more than when you sleep.  So make the most of your nap­ping oppor­tu­ni­ties.

Too much alcohol or coffee?

If either of these is an issue for you, cut back.

Try these sim­ple strate­gies and you’ll be sure to expe­ri­ence hap­pi­er dream­ing!


Deepen Your Body of Knowledge

Expo­sure to light at night makes you fat



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