Tips for Choosing Senior Alert Systems

The Personal Medical Alert System I Recommended for My Mom

A  personal medical alert is the home safety system you rely on to summon help if you fall and are unable to reach your telephone.

The system consists of three components:

  1. A button you wear around your neck or on a wristband,
  2. The base communicator that plugs into your telephone, and
  3. A central monitoring station on standby 24 hours a day

There are three priorities in choosing your personal medical alert system:

Reliability……Reliability…….and Reliability.

Fortunately, the concept of a medical alert button has been around for more than twenty years and, no matter what brand you choose, the technology involved has become very reliable.

That leaves one major consideration in choosing a device – PRICE.

My mom didn’t get this far in life without learning something about being a savvy consumer.

AlertUSA – the brand she trusts – offers the lowest-price system on the market.  Period.

A senior medical alarm system from AlertUSA is as low as $15 per month – and there’s no long term contract or commitment.  You can cancel at any time.  And there’s no initial set up fee.

Perhaps the difference between $15 per month and, say, $25 per month (many systems are a lot more) doesn’t seem like much.  But consider that you may be relying on your system for years and years.  Over the course of eight years, for example, you can save $960 or more.

You’re getting the same (or better) quality device and the same (or better) quality central station monitoring your button and standing by to summon help.  Why pay more?

With AlertUSA, I never have to worry if Mom’s all right.  Their central monitoring station lists my phone number as the first one to call if there’s a problem.  If my phone isn’t ringing, I know she’s okay.

Choose the same system I recommended for her – AlertUSA.

Learn more by calling me on my personal phone line – 609-497-1944.


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