Self-Care Secrets for Muscle and Joint Pain

Self Care Secrets

  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Shin splints
  • Heel pain, sole pain, or plan­tar fasci­itis
  • Shoul­der pain, or
  • Aches and pains any­where else.

No mat­ter which spe­cif­ic pain pat­tern you have, you can empow­er your­self by attend­ing to your own body. Your body can teach you to

  • move your body parts with free­dom, bal­ance and ease
  • loosen your tight spots with effec­tive mobi­liz­ing exer­cise
  • avoid those too-soft beds, crip­pling office chairs, and scrunchi­fy­ing car seats
  • cor­rect­ly engage pos­tur­al sup­port mus­cles
  • work out mus­cle kinks with self-treat­ment meth­ods
  • and much more.

You just need a little information and a boost of confidence to get started.

My col­league Paul Ingra­ham, a relent­less med­ical jour­nal­ist and mas­sage ther­a­pist in Van­cou­ver, has devel­oped some use­ful resources to help you on the path to intel­li­gent self-care.

He’s researched and pub­lished a series of e-books to point you on the way to con­trol­ling your own sit­u­a­tion.  They’re burst­ing with effec­tive, safe mea­sures based on thor­ough sci­en­tif­ic knowl­edge com­bined with old fash­ioned com­mon sense.

He’s been gra­cious enough to make his e-books avail­able to read­ers of Your Body of Knowl­edge.  Here are some of the top­ics you can access:


Deepen Your Body of Knowledge

Anoth­er reminder that pay­ing atten­tion to your body real­ly mat­ters


About Ronald Lavine, D.C.

Dr. Lavine has more than thirty five years' experience helping patients alleviate pain and restore health using diverse, scientifically-based manual therapy and therapeutic exercise and alignment methods. His website,, provides more information about his approach. Please contact him at or at 212-400-9663.
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