Reverse Hip Joint Arthritis

I’m on a mis­sion to make hip joint degen­er­a­tion a rel­ic of the past.

Many of my patients have ben­e­fit­ted from a pro­gram that slows the process­es that grind down the hip joint, revers­es some of the accu­mu­lat­ed dam­age, and pre­vents or delays the need to have hip joint replace­ment surgery.

We have a pow­er­ful ally on our side: Your car­ti­lage has the inher­ent capa­bil­i­ty to regen­er­ate itself and serve you well for the first nine­ty years of life or more.

But to allow your hip joint to thrive, you may need a help­ing hand. Your car­ti­lage may have tak­en too much stress in the past:

  • injuries from sports or dance
  • ongo­ing stress from poor pos­ture or pro­longed sit­ting
  • a state of inflam­ma­tion main­tained by poor diet
  • repeat­ed pound­ing of the pave­ment when walk­ing or run­ning
  • dis­tort­ed move­ment flow through the foot, ankle, or knee
  • gen­er­al neglect
Piriformis and neighboring muscles

Rota­tor mus­cles of the hip joint.

To stop hip joint arthri­tis, I use a pro­gram that includes:

  • prop­er pos­tur­al align­ment
  • stretch­ing and mus­cle release exer­cis­es
  • nutri­tion­al sup­port for your car­ti­lage
  • an in-office pro­gram of joint decom­pres­sion,
  • ana­lyz­ing and fix­ing issues of the foot, ankle, knee, and pelvis

If you’re in my area, e-mail me at or call me at 212–400-9663 or 609–497-1944 to get start­ed on your pro­gram of recov­ery and pre­ven­tion.


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About Ronald Lavine, D.C.

Dr. Lavine has more than thirty five years' experience helping patients alleviate pain and restore health using diverse, scientifically-based manual therapy and therapeutic exercise and alignment methods. His website,, provides more information about his approach. Please contact him at or at 212-400-9663.
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