Restore Lean Muscle

Build Efficient Metabolic Machinery

Step 3 of Dr. Lavine’s Ten Step Program to Conquer Chronic Illness

Chron­ic pain and chron­ic ill­ness drain your body of its strength.  Not only do you feel weak­er, you actu­al­ly lose mus­cle bulk.  And the longer the prob­lem goes on, the more  mus­cle mass you lose.

But wait, it gets worse…

Mus­cles are your body’s largest store­house of pro­tein.  But pro­tein also forms the work­ing nuts and bolts of your inter­nal organs – your liv­er and kid­neys, for instance.  Your intesti­nal lin­ing.  And your immune sys­tem.

If you’re los­ing mus­cle, you’re los­ing the back-up pro­tein reser­voir need­ed to replen­ish these organs.  That means a grad­ual dete­ri­o­ra­tion in your abil­i­ty to effi­cient­ly digest and absorb food, fight infec­tion, fil­ter your blood, and do every­thing else your body is designed to do.

It’s prac­ti­cal­ly the def­i­n­i­tion of chron­ic ill­ness.

How do you stop the downward slide?  First, determine if muscle loss is a significant issue for you.

You can do this with a med­ical test of the amount of nitro­gen in your urine.  (Nitro­gen in your urine comes from mus­cle break­down.)

But there are sim­ple ways you can assess your mus­cle sta­tus for your­self.

Are you having trouble opening a jar?  Carrying bags of groceries?

It’s easy to obtain a house­hold scale that also esti­mates your per­cent­age of body fat.

(These scales test how eas­i­ly a mild elec­tric cur­rent runs through your body.  Fat is an elec­tric insu­la­tor, so the cur­rent will flow more quick­ly if you’re lean.)

You won’t be mea­sur­ing your mus­cle sta­tus direct­ly.  But the high­er your body fat, the low­er your mus­cle mass.  And vice ver­sa.

A fit woman will have a body fat per­cent­age of 24% or less.  And, for a woman, 25–31% is con­sid­ered “accept­able.”  If your body fat per­cent­age is above 31%, the metab­o­lism of your body is out of whack.

For men, the stan­dards are a lit­tle tighter.  A fit man will have a body fat per­cent­age under 17%, and “accept­able” would be 18–25%.

Don’t go off on a tan­gent with all this dis­cus­sion of body fat.  Don’t start think­ing, “Oh my gosh — it’s the same old sto­ry – I’ve got to lose weight.”

I don’t care about your weight.  You don’t have to lose weight.  Really.  I mean it.

But if your num­bers are out of whack you do have to restore mus­cle.

Restor­ing lean mus­cle mass is the sec­ond step of Dr. Lavine’s Ten Step Pro­gram to Con­quer Chron­ic Ill­ness.

When you’re ready to move for­ward to this third step of the pro­gram, there are four basic strate­gies you’ll fol­low:

  • Main­tain the improved rela­tion­ship to diet and your gut bac­te­ria that you’ve achieved in Steps 1 & 2.
  • Add sup­ple­men­tal pro­tein to your diet as need­ed. (You’ll have point­ers to help you deter­mine if you need to.)
  • Engage in a con­sis­tent, sim­ple, safe weight-train­ing pro­gram. (It’s easy – I’ll coach you through it)
  • Choose select­ed mus­cle-enhanc­ing nutri­tion­al sup­ple­ments to boost your results fur­ther.

It can be chal­leng­ing to reverse a long-term down­ward health trend.  But you can do it with a con­sis­tent, sys­tem­at­ic approach.  Don’t give up.  Cher­ish your small vic­to­ries (and build on them.)  Get the sup­port you need.

One way to get need­ed sup­port is with Dr. Lavine’s Ten Step Pro­gram to Con­quer Chron­ic Ill­ness.

Deepen Your Body of Knowledge

More on body fat per­cent.


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  1. Michael Myrick says:

    I have a mus­cle call necro­tiz­ing myopa­thy and to restor­ing my mus­cle mass.

    • If you have a seri­ous med­ical con­di­tion then there is no sim­ple path for you to restore mus­cle mass. Your most impor­tant pri­or­i­ty is to fol­low med­ical advice in the treat­ment of your con­di­tion.

  2. Tina Almandnger says:

    My Hus­band had a bac­te­r­i­al Blood Infec­tion and has lost so much weifgt and mus­cle mass the doc­tors say the infec­tion is one but we need to repair the dan­age dobe He is 57 He went from aroud 150 lbs down to 123lbs Please tell me what he can take that will help him

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