Much Better Than Gatorade

Another Key to Building Muscle — Drink a Protein-Rich Shake After Exercise

New research shows that drink­ing a pro­tein-rich shake after exer­cise helps your body lay down new mus­cle tis­sue.  You want a drink that con­tains about 20 grams of pro­tein.

Skip the Gatorade.

After water, sports drinks’  most sig­nif­i­cant ingre­di­ent is sug­ar.  Except in a few sit­u­a­tions, you don’t need sports drinks dur­ing or after exer­cise.  And the same is true for your kids.

(The excep­tion is if you sweat max­i­mal­ly for an hour or more.)

Use plain water to rehy­drate. Then down a pro­tein-rich shake to give your body the build­ing blocks to form new mus­cle after your work­out.


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