Portion Distortion: Serving Sizes of Foods Americans Eat are Ridiculous


What you don’t know about portion sizes will make you fat!

Did you know….?

  • The average adult American weighs 25 pounds more today than in 1960.
  • Moviegoers, given stale popcorn, will nonetheless eat 61% more if given a large container instead of a small container.popcorn
  • In the past 20 years, the top-selling women’s clothing size has ballooned from size 8 to size 14.
  • A typical croissant in the United States is twice the size of one in France.
  • Meals served in Chinese restaurants in Philadelphia are 72% larger than those served in Chinese restaurants in France.
  • CocaCola was first introduced in 6 ounce bottles.  A standard bottle is now 20 ounces.


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