Laura Donnelly and the Art of Teaching Dance

I’ve wanted to interview my colleague Laura Donnelly for a long time.

She has a range of accomplishments as a ballet teacher, an Alexander teacher, and more, and I knew she’d have interesting things to say about the process of training for dance.

Here’s the first part of our interview:

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What Works Best to Treat Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome?

What works best to treat Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome?

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a condition in which you experience negative health effects from exposure to low levels of common chemicals.

In some people, the experience of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity overlaps with the symptoms of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.  Sometimes a doctor will diagnose more than one of these conditions in the same person.

In any case, if you have chronic health problems affecting multiple organ systems, and your symptoms seem to worsen when you’re exposed to certain chemicals, you’ll want to know what treatments others have found to be most helpful.

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Avoid Bench Press Injuries

One of the blogs I follow is T-Nation.

It was a scary experience at first – it’s full of close-ups of gargantuan muscles and bulging veins.  It’s a blog for the folks who haunt the free-weight section of the gym.  The kind of guys who buy those huge cans of protein powder at General Nutrition.

Not my aesthetic at all.
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Sex Over Sixty

There are many alternatives for older couples who want to continue having a healthy sex life.

Here, from Life Goes Strong, is one woman’s story.

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Recipe for Pepper Soup

Easy Red Pepper Soup with Lime

4 bell peppers – don’t use green ones, use red, orange or yellow
1 large onion
1 garlic clove
1 hot chili pepper
3 tablespoons tomato paste
3 ¾ cup chicken or vegetable stock
Olive oil
Juice and peel of one lime

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Summer Reading – Guest Post by Teresa Knipper

As a little girl growing up in rural Pennsylvania, summer was a magic time of no school, long days at the playground across the street from my house, time with my sisters doing puzzles and playing Monopoly on the porch.

Banded Hairstreak

Banded Hairstreak

One summer memory must have been from the summer of 1969-a most magic summer of love and hippies and Woodstock. For me however it was my earliest memory of the summer reading club at my local library.  I was old enough that summer to walk to the library alone and the children’s librarian was eager to sign up summer readers.  She had somehow made tiny rocket ships from salt that slowly crept toward the moon’s surface as you tabulated more books. (Remember this was the summer we landed on the moon.)  I can still remember moving my rocket game piece on the path and the salty residue it left on my fingertips.

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Eight Best Ways to Detox Your Life

Our exposure to environmental poisons is at an all time high.  Tens of thousands of new chemicals have been introduced into the biosphere since 1945.  Shockingly, most have never been tested for safety.

They’re in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the products you apply to your skin, and just about everything else you come into contact with.

Meanwhile, every cell in your body is trying to perform its own brilliant balancing act – dealing with its own local environment while ceaselessly performing its particular vital function.  The cells of our digestive tract, nervous system, and immune system – all of them highly metabolically active – are particularly vulnerable.

We have to assume that all this toxic exposure poses at least a potential to do harm.  That’s why it’s important to minimize your exposure to poisons and strengthen your body to deal with them as best as it’s able.

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Scientists Claim: Antibiotics Make You Fat

It isn’t the job of a bacterium to make you sick or kill you.  Like all other organisms, bacteria just want to survive and pass their genes onto the next generation.

The bacterial species that destroys its host wouldn’t last too long.  It would be like a family that tried to keep warm by setting fire to the rug.  Sure, Mom, Dad and the kids could warm their hands for a few minutes, but before long their house would be a pile of ashes.

If infectious bacteria kill the patient, they have no place to live.  A bad plan for long term survival.

That’s why, of the millions of bacteria living in our digestive tract, only the occasional few are potential agents of dangerous infection.  The other 99.99% have evolved over the millennia to live in harmony with us.  And we’ve evolved to live in harmony with them.  In fact, we often derive benefit from the organisms living inside us.

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The Fourth Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

The FDA has an abbreviation for them – ADRs.

ADRs are Adverse Drug Reactions from prescribed medications. They’re a hot topic of research and debate within the Food and Drug Administration, other agencies that regulate drug development, and pharmaceutical firms.

pill bottle

Why the interest in ADRs?

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Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

Modern life exposes you to an unprecedented variety of artificial chemicals.

cosmeticsAnd some of them show up in the products you’re closest too – the skin care and cosmetic products that you lather with, beautify with, smear on, or use to clean your skin.  Since you can absorb toxic chemicals directly through your skin, you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to significant harm.

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