Goldilocks and Your Knee Cartilage

You need car­ti­lage to cush­ion and guide move­ment between your bones.

But over the years, if you grind down the car­ti­lage in your joints, it has only a lim­it­ed abil­i­ty to regen­er­ate.  Then you devel­op the pain and stiff­ness of osteoarthri­tis.

That’s why it’s impor­tant to treat your joints lov­ing­ly through­out the life span.

Car­ti­lage needs motion in order to be healthy.  Joint motion speeds the flow of nutri­ents and waste prod­ucts into and out of your car­ti­lage.  And motion also sig­nals the pro­tein fil­a­ments in your car­ti­lage to align in the opti­mal ori­en­ta­tion.

Can too much motion backfire?

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Recent Research Confirms Value of Chiropractic Methods for Back Pain

Man­u­al ther­a­py is one of the most thor­ough­ly researched treat­ment meth­ods for low back pain.  Still, this is a very tricky area to study.

Here are some of the pit­falls that con­front researchers in this area:
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Exercise Treatment for Depression, Anxiety

Suffering from depression or anxiety?  Hit the gym, not the pill bottle

Just like air to breathe and water to drink, phys­i­cal exer­cise is one of life’s essen­tials.   The evi­dence of its health ben­e­fits keeps pil­ing up.

And the line between phys­i­cal health and men­tal health gets more and more blur­ry.  Now it’s been proven that exer­cise is more effec­tive than med­ica­tion at reliev­ing the symp­toms of depres­sion and anx­i­ety – the two most com­mon men­tal health con­di­tions.

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Fix Acid Alkaline Imbalance — One of the Ways to Improve Kidney Function

Alkaline Diet Protects Your Kidneys

The typ­i­cal west­ern diet is too high in acid-pro­duc­ing foods like meat and sug­ar and too low in fruits and veg­eta­bles.

That’s the health chal­lenge that kid­ney spe­cial­ist Nim­rit Goraya, MD of the Texas A&M Health Sci­ence Cen­ter sought to address in her lat­est research.

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Chiropractic for Scoliosis: Does It Help?

Can Chiropractic Fix Scoliosis?

If you’re in a hur­ry, I’ll make it easy for you — the quick answer is “no.”

But read fur­ther if you’re inter­est­ed in a more nuanced response.

What Are the Different Types of Scoliosis?

Sco­l­io­sis is a con­di­tion in which the spine shows an excess amount of side-to-side cur­va­ture.

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Ultra Yoga and Exercises for Pelvic Floor Muscles

Today’s guest arti­cle, cour­tesy of Marisa Sul­li­van, con­sists of an inter­view she gave to Sal­ly M. River­tones of the Williams­burg-Green­point News.

Ultra Yoga  

The importance of the female pelvic floor (men not excluded) explained through a Yoga perspective

By Sal­ly M. River­tones

Marisa Sul­li­van has been teach­ing yoga for over 19 years. She was a stu­dent of pio­neer­ing yoga duo David Life and Sharon Gan­non in New York City 21 years ago. She holds to many tenets of Jiva­muk­ti method and includes spir­i­tu­al teach­ings in all her class­es that range from Alzheimer’s res­i­dences to tra­di­tion­al gyms, “but the phys­i­cal asana prac­tice I teach is much slow­er, has many more ‘anatom­i­cal’ teach­ing points.”


WG—How did you get into pelvic health from your yoga work?

Marisa Sul­li­van—My class­es boil down to mind­ful­ness in body, mind, and spir­it; deep lis­ten­ing to Spir­it and Inner Wis­dom; Love, for life, Self, and the world around us. These con­cepts nat­u­ral­ly lead to and unfold from phys­i­cal prac­tices that encour­age breath­ing, some­times sweat­ing, unearthing strength, releas­ing, stretch­ing, and relax­ing.

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Shocking, Inappropriate Use of Chiropractic Methods in Spondylolisthesis Treatment

The oth­er day I encoun­tered some­thing I found dis­heart­en­ing, even shock­ing.

I was doing research on the top­ic of spondy­lolis­the­sis.  One web­site fea­tured per­son­al sto­ries of spondy­lolis­the­sis suf­fer­ers.

Spondy­lolis­the­sis is a rel­a­tive­ly com­mon con­di­tion (up to 6% of peo­ple have it) affect­ing the low back. It occurs when one of your ver­te­brae slides for­ward on the ver­te­bra below.  You lose the nor­mal align­ment of the spinal col­umn because you’ve lost the integri­ty of the joints hold­ing the spinal bones togeth­er.

Appar­ent­ly, one woman had con­sult­ed a chi­ro­prac­tor for treat­ment of her spondy­lolis­the­sis, and was told that with spinal adjust­ments her align­ment could be restored to nor­mal.  It’s clear from her sto­ry that chi­ro­prac­tic care didn’t help her; it may have actu­al­ly made her con­di­tion worse.

I was appalled.

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Guest Post: Contact Your Angel of Surrender

Thanks to There­sa Con­ti for today’s arti­cle.  For more of her inspir­ing arti­cles, you can read her blog  Or con­tact her for indi­vid­ual coach­ing or coun­sel­ing at

Sweet Surrender!

Have you ever had a dream, felt inspired, moti­vat­ed, excit­ed, and then won­dered if you made “the right” deci­sion?

This sce­nario has come up sev­er­al times for me over the last few weeks as I pre­pare for a two-month trip to Europe lat­er this month.  Inspi­ra­tion strikes, excite­ment reigns, and then voila – doubt creeps in and all that verve flies right out the win­dow – until, that is, I take a deep breath and sur­ren­der. Not always easy to do, let alone remem­ber to do.

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Achilles Tendon Recovery

Take Care of Your Achilles Tendons

It was the fate­ful weak spot of an oth­er­wise-invul­ner­a­ble Hel­lenic war­rior. And it’s been sidelin­ing ath­letes, dancers, and plain ordi­nary peo­ple ever since.

The Achilles ten­don con­nects your calf to the back of your heel, trans­mit­ting the forces of run­ning, walk­ing, jump­ing, and point­ing your foot.

achilles tendonIf you run, you’re vul­ner­a­ble to prob­lems of the Achilles ten­don, espe­cial­ly if you’re over forty. But oth­er ath­letes are at risk too. And even if you’re seden­tary you’re not immune. The ten­don can be weak­ened by under-use as much as by over-use.
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Are Antidepressants Effective?

Depres­sion has become a major health prob­lem.  In fact, about 10 per­cent of Amer­i­cans over age six now take anti­de­pres­sants.  Does it make sense that depres­sion is treat­ed rou­tine­ly with med­ica­tion?

Depres­sion is not to be ignored or triv­i­al­ized.  It’s a seri­ous, wide­spread con­di­tion that con­tributes to sig­nif­i­cant suf­fer­ing and dis­abil­i­ty.  It mag­ni­fies the impact of oth­er med­ical prob­lems — among them back pain and heart dis­ease.

Businesswoman under stress

And its effect is also mag­ni­fied because depres­sion doesn’t only impact the indi­vid­ual suf­fer­er – it touch­es fam­i­ly mem­bers, too.

In response to this seri­ous health con­di­tion, a vast trea­sure chest has been poured into research­ing and mar­ket­ing med­ica­tions for depres­sion. This is not a small indus­try.  We’re talk­ing seri­ous mon­ey here.

No doubt anti­de­pres­sant med­ica­tions have a role to play under some cir­cum­stances.  But here’s the big ques­tion:

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