Nutritional Value of Mushrooms


The hum­ble mush­room is gain­ing in pop­u­lar­i­ty as a healthy food, and for good rea­son. They are a source of impor­tant nutri­ents like riboflavin, niacin, potas­si­um and sele­ni­um. They are also very low in fat and calo­ries, but are filled with lots of water and fiber, so they can make you feel full. They have been pro­mot­ed as a weight-loss food for this effect.

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Pain Sensitization in the Spinal Cord

Scientists prove it’s true – the spinal cord gets into the act to maintain chronic pain.

The expe­ri­ence of chron­ic pain is more than the sum of its parts.

Chron­ic pain suf­fer­ers are famil­iar with the sce­nario:  Rever­ber­at­ing pain cir­cuits get acti­vat­ed in the brain and spinal cord.  Then you can’t get rid of pain just by heal­ing an injured joint or mus­cle – the pain has tak­en on a life of its own.

Now a research team led by Sean Mack­ey, MD, PhD at Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty has found an ele­gant way to study this phe­nom­e­non — with func­tion­al mag­net­ic imag­ing of the spinal cord.

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Espress Yourself

I think I have the most impor­tant job in the world.

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Dangerous Drugs That Put Seniors At Risk


Many thanks to Lin­da Grayling of the con­sumer watch­dog web­site Drug­watch for this impor­tant guest arti­cle.

Dangerous Drugs that Put Seniors at Risk


More than 40 per­cent of peo­ple old­er than 65 take five or more med­ica­tions, and some take dozens of pills every day.

That’s a lot of drugs, and it’s no sur­prise that this results in con­fu­sion for many seniors, who often run into seri­ous prob­lems when they take too much of a pre­scrip­tion or mix med­i­cines that inter­act bad­ly.

Even worse, some drugs are dan­ger­ous all by them­selves. Seniors should be aware of drugs with seri­ous side effects, espe­cial­ly drugs that are tar­get­ed at dis­eases more com­mon in old­er pop­u­la­tions.

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Dr. Lavine Interviewed by Virginia Reed for Progressive Radio Network

I’ve post­ed a record­ing of an inter­view I did with Vir­ginia Reed of Pro­gres­sive Radio Net­work.  The con­ver­sa­tion cov­ered a range of top­ics includ­ing the ther­a­peu­tic use of touch, spinal prob­lems, move­ment, body aware­ness, chi­ro­prac­tic, and more.

You’ll hear a few moments of The Rolling Stones intro­duc­ing her show. Enjoy!

virginia reed

Vir­ginia Reed Inter­view

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Helping Lower Back Pain With Chiropractic — New Scientific Evidence

The April 15, 2013 edi­tion of the med­ical jour­nal Spine adds yet anoth­er chap­ter to our under­stand­ing of chi­ro­prac­tic in the treat­ment of acute low back pain.

This study com­pared two groups of acute back pain patients – those receiv­ing stan­dard med­ical treat­ment only and those receiv­ing stan­dard med­ical treat­ment plus chi­ro­prac­tic spinal manip­u­la­tive ther­a­py.

Based both on mea­sures of pain relief and on return to func­tion­al­i­ty, the chi­ro­prac­tic group had a speed­i­er and more com­plete recov­ery.

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New Standards for the Diagnosis of Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis

It’s one of the more com­mon spinal prob­lems for peo­ple over 55 – lum­bar spinal steno­sis.

Smaller Than Average Spinal Canal Predisposes to Symptomatic Stenosis

Small­er Than Aver­age Spinal Canal Pre­dis­pos­es to Symp­to­matic Steno­sis

You get low back pain and leg pain that’s worse stand­ing or walk­ing.  You feel bet­ter bend­ing for­ward or sit­ting down.  And your legs tire pre­ma­ture­ly when you walk.

The symp­toms of spinal steno­sis are com­mon­ly caused by nar­row­ing of the spinal canal from grad­ual spinal joint degen­er­a­tion.  The nerves of the spinal cord get pinched, caus­ing pain and leav­ing your leg mus­cles weak­ened.

Although spinal steno­sis is com­mon, the stan­dards for diag­nos­ing it are con­tro­ver­sial.  Some doc­tors focus on the nature of the pain and the way it behaves.  Oth­ers focus on imag­ing stud­ies such as MRIs that pic­ture the amount of space avail­able for the spinal cord.

The prob­lem is that not every­one with steno­sis-like symp­toms has canal nar­row­ing that shows up on MRI.  And vice ver­sa – not every­one with spinal canal nar­row­ing has pain, weak­ness, or oth­er symp­toms.

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Touch in Communication and Health

The sense of touch bonds fam­i­lies and groups, guides the brain of infants as they learn to under­stand the world, enhances heal­ing, and serves as a pri­vate com­mu­ni­ca­tion link between inti­mate part­ners.

touch and communication

Even though you rarely think about it, the nerve recep­tors in your skin are con­stant­ly engaged in pick­ing up infor­ma­tion.

And your tac­tile sys­tem is more sophis­ti­cat­ed than you may real­ize. Here are some exam­ples. Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Hospitals Benefit From High Rate of Surgery Mistakes

It’s a tragedy that the cur­rent med­ical sys­tem has strayed so far from its basic mis­sion of pro­tect­ing people’s health.  Finan­cial incen­tives have become so skewed that they actu­al­ly encour­age sub-stan­dard care.

Two recent arti­cles offer pow­er­ful evi­dence.

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Improving Hamstring Rehab Exercises

I always dread it.

I’m treat­ing an ath­lete with a ham­string strain, and I have to pass on the neg­a­tive news – ham­string prob­lems are noto­ri­ous for their high recur­rence rate.   Even though your mus­cle may be healed and tests show that you’ve regained nor­mal strength, once you’re back par­tic­i­pat­ing in sports or fit­ness activ­i­ties there’s a fair chance your prob­lem will recur.hamstring muscles

In fact, one study illus­trat­ed the lim­i­ta­tions of the stan­dard reha­bil­i­ta­tion pro­to­col for ham­string injuries – stretch­ing and strength­en­ing of the injured mus­cle.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly, 6 out of 11 injured ath­letes using this rehab strat­e­gy for their ham­strings had their prob­lem recur with­in 2 weeks of return­ing to nor­mal activ­i­ties.  Those aren’t good odds.

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