Organic Wine, No-Added-Sulfite Wine are Healthy Choices

The evidence is clear that a glass or two of wine a day is good for your health.

There’s reason to believe that a moderate intake of alcohol itself is beneficial for heart health.  But above and beyond that, wine is rich in anti-oxidants (resveratrol is one of the most-commonly studied) that may reduce your risk of cardiac disease or dementia.

You can do even better by choosing organic wine.

Organic wine has higher levels of anti-oxidants and anti-aging compounds than wines made from grapes grown with pesticides.

At the same time, organic wine is less likely to contain high levels of toxins derived from mold.

Concerned About Wine Sulfites?

Sulfites are preservatives found in wine.  They’re a natural by-product of fermentation – there’s no such thing as sulfite-free wine. The key is to select wines with no added sulfites.

Great Online Source for Organic Wine

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Red Wine - Resveratrol - Enjoy Your Health


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