New Evidence on NeuroTactile ™ Therapy (bindegewebsmassage)

NeuroTactile Therapy Raises Skin Temperature, Boosts Blood Flow

The physical medicine treatment Bindegewebsmassage (NeuroTactile ™ Therapy) has been around for more than 80 years.  There’s still a lot to learn about its effects.

bindegewebsmassage, neurotactile therapy

Research from the Teesside University in the UK has shown that a single application of this technique causes distinct skin temperature changes for an hour or more.  That means that there’s been a shift in the autonomic nervous system that controls the caliber of your peripheral blood vessels.

Neurotactile Therapy has a wide range of clinical applications.  Here are a few:

  • Speeding the healing of injuries
  • Shifting the experience of chronic pain
  • Alleviating migraines
  • Preventing the onset of diabetic neuropathy


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