Guest Article: Your Personal Renewable Energy

Thanks to today’s guest author Fran Parker,  a psy­chother­a­pist, exec­u­tive per­for­mance coach, and expert in move­ment and non-verbal communication.

Renew­able Energy

Wouldn’t it be great if we thought about our per­sonal energy as a renew­able resource rather than some­thing like an hour­glass that emp­ties over time?

Full/Empty       On/Off        Work/Rest

These are bina­ries, pairs of oppos­ing states.  They aren’t nec­es­sar­ily real.  Espe­cially when we use them to describe our energy.

What if we thought about our energy as an ongo­ing, con­tin­u­ous flow with mul­ti­ple con­trast­ing qual­i­ties in rhyth­mic variation?


It’s really not hard to imagine.

Here’s an example:

When we walk, we are never really going at one speed or mov­ing with a sin­gle qual­ity.  Walk­ing is an over­lap­ping dance of legs.  One swing­ing and one bear­ing weight.

Quicken your pace and lengthen your steps a lit­tle and you have a stride.

Throw in a lit­tle side-to-side hip move­ment and soften your impact and you’ve got your­self a rhumba.

So many possibilities!

It’s rep­e­ti­tion with­out vari­a­tion that wears us out.  Move­ment with con­trasts of qual­ity and changes of rhythm renews our energy.

It’s that simple.


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