Guest Article: Your Personal Renewable Energy

Thanks to today’s guest author Fran Parker,  a psychotherapist, executive performance coach, and expert in movement and non-verbal communication.

Renewable Energy

Wouldn’t it be great if we thought about our personal energy as a renewable resource rather than something like an hourglass that empties over time?

Full/Empty       On/Off        Work/Rest

These are binaries, pairs of opposing states.  They aren’t necessarily real.  Especially when we use them to describe our energy.

What if we thought about our energy as an ongoing, continuous flow with multiple contrasting qualities in rhythmic variation?


It’s really not hard to imagine.

Here’s an example:

When we walk, we are never really going at one speed or moving with a single quality.  Walking is an overlapping dance of legs.  One swinging and one bearing weight.

Quicken your pace and lengthen your steps a little and you have a stride.

Throw in a little side-to-side hip movement and soften your impact and you’ve got yourself a rhumba.

So many possibilities!

It’s repetition without variation that wears us out.  Movement with contrasts of quality and changes of rhythm renews our energy.

It’s that simple.


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