What’s Your Mindfulness Quotient?

Holis­ti­cal­ly-ori­ent­ed health prac­ti­tion­ers, spir­i­tu­al teach­ers, psy­chol­o­gists, and med­i­ta­tion coach­es all agree: mind­ful­ness is a good thing.  A men­tal atti­tude of mind­ful­ness has wide health ben­e­fits – alle­vi­at­ing the effects of stress, min­i­miz­ing the risk of dis­ease, and gen­er­al­ly mak­ing the world a bet­ter place.

But it’s hard to pin down exact­ly what “mind­ful­ness” means, or how to achieve mind­ful stress reduc­tion.

Check out the diverse insights into mind­ful­ness prac­tices on the great web­site Spir­i­tu­al­i­ty and Prac­tice.

It’s been said that spend­ing 20–30 min­utes a day med­i­tat­ing is one of the most impor­tant health prac­tices any­one can engage in.  But mind­ful­ness also per­tains to the men­tal atti­tude with which we approach any of our ordi­nary dai­ly activ­i­ties.

Just for fun, here’s a quick chart of your day’s activ­i­ties to give you insight into your own state (or lack there­of) of mind­ful­ness.


Alarm goes off A calm, deep breath gets your day off to a good start Is it Fri­day yet?
Stand­ing up to face the day Engage core sup­port mus­cles and relax shoul­ders Har­bor secret resent­ment about your mom always nag­ging you to stand up straight
Dri­ve to work Gen­tly accel­er­ate into traf­fic, sav­ing gas. Don’t peo­ple know how to dri­ve around here?
Lunch Thor­ough chew­ing of each morsel of your roast­ed root veg­eta­bles You want fries with that?
Unwind after work 30 min­utes of yoga Simp­son reruns



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