Keep Your Brain as Sharp as a Samurai Sword

Part I

You need your brain for its advanced think­ing, feel­ing, mem­o­ry, and cre­ativ­i­ty pow­ers.

But you need your brain for lots more than that.  Every move you make, every step you take, every beat of your heart, out­pour­ing of hor­mones, and churn of your diges­tive tract depends on brain guid­ance.

When your brain can’t func­tion at its best, your health will inevitably suf­fer.  Your mood, ener­gy lev­el, and sleep cycles — in fact, every­thing — is thrown off.

You’ve got to do all you can to keep your gray mat­ter in exquis­ite con­di­tion.

One Big Reason Your Brain Can Lose Its Edge

Your brain isn’t just sit­ting there mind­ing its own busi­ness, wait­ing to gen­er­ate a bril­liant thought.

The brain receives hun­dreds of mil­lions — maybe bil­lions —  of sig­nals from your body every sec­ond.  And to coor­di­nate all the info stream­ing in, there’s a con­stant back­ground hum of nerve activ­i­ty link­ing every brain region.

All the out­go­ing nerve sig­nals that the brain gen­er­ates flow from this back­ground buzz.

If those sig­nals com­ing in are dis­joint­ed, noisy and grat­ing, then your brain activ­i­ty will also be dis­joint­ed, noisy and grat­ing.

Surprise Source of Most Brain Input

Your eyes and ears (and nose and tongue) get most of the atten­tion in stud­ies of our per­cep­tu­al sys­tems.  They’re impor­tant sense organs that pro­vide the brain with lots of infor­ma­tion about the goings-on out­side your body.

But most of the input the brain relies on for dai­ly oper­a­tions comes from inside the body.  It comes from nerve end­ings embed­ded in your con­nec­tive tis­sue.  Nerve end­ings that tell your brain what’s hap­pen­ing in each joint and mus­cle — called pro­pri­o­cep­tion — and in every inter­nal organ — called inte­ro­cep­tion.

If those mus­cles, joints, organs, and con­nec­tive tis­sues are out of bal­ance, your brain will be get­ting a con­stant stream of dis­tress mes­sages.  You won’t be aware of them – this will all be hap­pen­ing below the lev­el of your con­scious­ness.

But these error mes­sages will suck up more and more of your brain’s pro­cess­ing pow­er.

Your brain will be like a com­put­er that’s caught the lat­est virus.  At first, you won’t notice that there’s a prob­lem at all.  But grad­u­al­ly, more and more of your com­put­ing pow­er will be siphoned off to do what the virus wants your com­put­er to do, not what you want your com­put­er to do.

If You Want the Best Output, Give Your Brain the Best Input

Through­out the his­to­ry of med­i­cine prac­ti­tion­ers have includ­ed the use of pro­pri­o­cep­tive exer­cise and hands-on heal­ing meth­ods to bal­ance the mus­cles, joints and con­nec­tive tis­sues.  To the sur­prise of many who are unfa­mil­iar with them, these meth­ods often cre­ate ben­e­fits for a range of organ sys­tems and a spec­trum of health con­di­tions.

For years, sci­en­tists were puz­zled about how these meth­ods could be so extra­or­di­nar­i­ly effec­tive.  And because there wasn’t a clear expla­na­tion of how they worked, some sci­en­tists dis­missed them as bogus quack­ery.

But recent sci­ence has been uncov­er­ing a hid­den world of inter­con­nec­tion between your ongo­ing inter­nal chat­ter and advanced brain func­tion.  And if you’ve been read­ing this arti­cle thus far, you know why these tech­niques work the way they do – they clean up the mes­sages going into the brain.

There are many top chi­ro­prac­tors who are expert in these sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly advanced heal­ing arts.  Find one.  See how you might ben­e­fit from putting some of your health issues in her (or his) hands.

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