It’s more fundamental to health than good nutrition

What could be more fundamental to your health than good nutrition?

Gut health

Unless you have a well-functioning digestive tract, the best nutritional plan in the world will only help you up to a point.  That’s because without a healthy intestinal lining, and appropriate colonies of intestinal bacteria, you can’t process or absorb the nutrients from food.

Alterations of the gut wall and the intestinal microbiome have been linked to:

  • mental status and mood
  • immune function
  • fibromyalgia and chronic pain
  • hunger and satiety
  • autoimmune disorders

and many other aspects of health.

Each month brings more scientific news about the important influence of the intestinal tract on all aspects of health.

Dr. Lavine offers a simple plan to restore the health of the gut – an anti-inflammatory diet and supplement plan: Dr. Lavine’s detox.


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