It’s more fundamental to health than good nutrition

What could be more fun­da­men­tal to your health than good nutri­tion?

Gut health

Unless you have a well-func­tion­ing diges­tive tract, the best nutri­tion­al plan in the world will only help you up to a point.  That’s because with­out a healthy intesti­nal lin­ing, and appro­pri­ate colonies of intesti­nal bac­te­ria, you can’t process or absorb the nutri­ents from food.

Alter­ations of the gut wall and the intesti­nal micro­bio­me have been linked to:

  • men­tal sta­tus and mood
  • immune func­tion
  • fibromyal­gia and chron­ic pain
  • hunger and sati­ety
  • autoim­mune dis­or­ders

and many oth­er aspects of health.

Each month brings more sci­en­tif­ic news about the impor­tant influ­ence of the intesti­nal tract on all aspects of health.

Dr. Lavine offers a sim­ple plan to restore the health of the gut — an anti-inflam­ma­to­ry diet and sup­ple­ment plan: Dr. Lavine’s detox.


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