Helping Lower Back Pain With Chiropractic — New Scientific Evidence

The April 15, 2013 edi­tion of the med­ical jour­nal Spine adds yet anoth­er chap­ter to our under­stand­ing of chi­ro­prac­tic in the treat­ment of acute low back pain.

This study com­pared two groups of acute back pain patients – those receiv­ing stan­dard med­ical treat­ment only and those receiv­ing stan­dard med­ical treat­ment plus chi­ro­prac­tic spinal manip­u­la­tive ther­a­py.

Based both on mea­sures of pain relief and on return to func­tion­al­i­ty, the chi­ro­prac­tic group had a speed­i­er and more com­plete recov­ery.


Deepen Your Body of Knowledge

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