Happiness — Guest Post

Today’s guest arti­cle is by my col­league Dr. Alex Eingorn

triad of dolphinsToday I was won­der­ing why the dol­phins were con­sid­ered the hap­pi­est species on earth. Except, I sup­pose when they are blud­geoned en masse by some groups in the hope to achieve matu­rity through this sense­less act.

Then it struck me: “Do they ever bother to ques­tion and judge oth­ers’ actions and, most impor­tantly, motives?

We do. Mostly. I won­der if the dol­phins ever lose trust. Hap­pi­ness is lost when thoughts of envy or hatred creep in. Why is there no hap­pi­ness some­times with­out PRADA?

My late ther­a­pist, whom the Hin­dus would prob­a­bly con­sider to be the Brah­min of Brah­mins, asked me a ques­tion one day. “What do you per­ceive to be the dif­fer­ence between true joy and true plea­sure?” How do we know that in our obses­sive pur­suit of one we are not just aim­lessly chas­ing the other?

Mantra for today: औं कर्म अन्यत्वे हेतु
There is no begin­ning, and no end

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