Hate Exercise? Fitness is Child’s Play

Girl jumping rope

Kids know fun

When I was a kid I couldn’t quite get the hang of the hula hoop.

But I enjoyed Fris­bee.  And even though I was a boy I liked play­ing jump rope dur­ing recess.  A pogo stick was lots of fun, too.  I even learned to ride a skate­board a lit­tle – no fancy tricks, though.

What ever hap­pened to hav­ing fun?

You could design an entire fit­ness pro­gram based on these children’s games and activities:

  • Hula hoop­ing burns calo­ries like crazy, and it lim­bers the spine and strength­ens the abdom­i­nals.   There’s still time to learn.
  • A pogo stick is a great tool to strengthen the quads and pre­vent knee problems.
  • Jump­ing rope is one of the best car­dio work­outs around.
  • And a skate­board trains bal­ance – that’s one of the most impor­tant move­ment skills to develop and main­tain as we age to pre­vent falling.

Maybe we’ll include the Fris­bee in there too, if only for old times’ sake.

What are you wait­ing for?  For­get about “exer­cis­ing” like an adult.  Go out and play like a kid.  It’s bet­ter for you.


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