It’s Not the Pain, It’s the Fatigue

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Go Way Beyond “I’m Tired”

In a recent survey, fibromyalgia sufferers tried to describe what their symptoms were really like.

Large numbers reported an overwhelming feeling of tiredness out of proportion to the effort they were exerting, and not relieved by sleeping or resting.

They further reported difficulty in getting motivated.  Ordinary activities – even ones that were potentially enjoyable – just didn’t seem worth the effort.  And their condition was further complicated by difficulty with concentration or mental focus.

For many fibromyalgia sufferers, the fatigue becomes a more debilitating symptom than the pain itself.  Often there’s a delicate balancing act involved: medication used to dull pain can make fatigue worse and concentration all but impossible.

Here’s more about the fibromyalgia survey.

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About Aaron Bynen

Aaron is a health conscious individual living in the Pacific Northwest.
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