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Top Five Exer­cis­es for Your Low Back
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If you already have back pain, these exer­cis­es will help you keep it to a min­i­mum, or even elim­i­nate it alto­geth­er.

If your pur­pose is to improve your low back fit­ness and pre­vent future prob­lems, these five exer­cis­es are a sim­ple, effi­cient way to achieve your goal.

The Top Five Exer­cis­es for Your Low Back is the first mod­ule in Dr. Lavine’s Pre­scrip­tion Exer­cise Series.

Oth­er mod­ules soon to be avail­able:

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#3: Top five exer­cis­es to pre­vent knee prob­lems
#4: Avoid rota­tor cuff and shoul­der prob­lems
#5: Essen­tial exer­cise to strength­en bal­ance and pre­vent falls
#6: Top five exer­cis­es to improve your pos­ture
#7: Quick work­out for upper body strength


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