Which Exercise Builds the Most Muscle Mass the Quickest?

Muscles — They’re Not Just for Strength Any More

You need your mus­cles in order to move and exert strength. But the ben­e­fits of build­ing and nour­ish­ing mus­cle tis­sue go far beyond that. Sci­en­tists are piec­ing togeth­er the impor­tant role that mus­cles play in boost­ing your metab­o­lism, ward­ing off dia­betes, pro­tect­ing you from frac­tures, and keep­ing your brain stim­u­lat­ed.

If you want to gain mus­cle, what exer­cise helps you do it the quick­est?

The squat.

squat exercise

A bal­anced exer­cise pro­gram works all of the major mus­cle groups of the body, while also train­ing for endurance, flex­i­bil­i­ty, bal­ance, and oth­er move­ment qual­i­ties. No sin­gle exer­cise, and no sin­gle type of exer­cise gives you every­thing you need.

But the squat gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  It acti­vates many of your largest mus­cle groups — like the gluteals, abdom­i­nals, quadri­ceps, spinal exten­sors, and more.  And if you pay atten­tion to prop­er form, the squat gives you prac­tice in orga­niz­ing your core sup­port and con­trol­ling your align­ment.

Doing a squat prop­er­ly can be hard­er than it looks. Work with a train­er, and start with lit­tle or no weight to make sure you’re get­ting the form right. The rewards will be worth it.



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