Little-Known Ergonomic Strategy to Protect Your Back

Sitting is a curse for your low back.  For one thing, pressure on the low back discs is highest when you’re sitting.  And unless you’re a paragon of perfect posture, it’s easy to sag into the low back when you’re sitting, putting even more pressure on the discs and other low back structures.

If you sit at a computer screen for a living (like so many of us do), you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Fortunately there’s an easy way to fight back.

Sitting with seat pitched forward

Sitting pitched forward saves your back

To be able to comfortably work on your keyboard or mouse (or any other similar task) you want to sit on a surface that’s slightly pitched forward.   That way, instead of slumping to reach the keys, you’ll be perched forward.

With many chairs, even inexpensive ones, you can adjust the angle of the seat.  If yours doesn’t adjust, you can place a small cushionor rolled-up towel on the back half of the seat so your sit bones can balance on it.

Try it.  You’ll get through your day with more energy and less back pain.

Deepen Your Body of Knowledge

Does your back hurt when standing?


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