You Have Pesticide Residues in Your Body

You Have Pesticide Residues in Your Body

P.S. – They Might be Causing Food Allergies

It’s scandalous.

You can’t choose the air you breathe or even the water you drink.  You’re being exposed to pesticides (and other toxic chemicals) whether you want to be or not.

Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine published an article in December, 2012 based on the findings of a large-scale national health and nutrition survey.   The residues of common pesticides were found in more than 90% of the urine samples tested.

This matters a lot.  What’s more disturbing is that we’re only beginning to understand many of the ways that these chemicals affect us.

The Albert Einstein research team discovered one significant effect of these poisons.  The presence of dichlorophenols (chlorine-containing chemicals used in pesticides and in water chlorination) was associated with the presence of food intolerances.

Years ago food intolerance (or food allergy) was virtually unheard of.   Today there’s such an epidemic of food allergies that parents feel guilty packing a child’s lunchbox with a peanut butter sandwich.

It’s possible that, back then, we were just ignoring or mislabeling all sorts of negative food reactions that people were experiencing right under our noses.

Or it could be that the incidence of food intolerance has actually mushroomed.

Is the toxic load of environmental chemicals beginning to catch up with our adaptive abilities?


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