Herbal Combination Prevents Colds, Flu in Children

It’s cold and flu time again. What can a par­ent do?

Accord­ing to doc­tors at the Children’s Hos­pi­tal in Pitts­burgh, to pro­tect your chil­dren you should try an herbal com­bi­na­tion of echi­nacea and propo­lis with vit­a­min C.

The research includ­ed 430 chil­dren aged one to five years, as report­ed in the March, 2004 issue of the Archives of Pedi­atric and Ado­les­cent Med­i­cine.

The herbal-prepa­ra­tion group showed a 55% reduc­tion in the num­ber of ill­ness episodes com­pared with the place­bo group and aver­aged 62% few­er days with fever per child.

Here are the details:

The herbal prepa­ra­tion was made up of 50 mg/mL of echi­nacea, 50 mg/mL of propo­lis, and 10 mg/mL of vit­a­min C. Chil­dren received a  base­line twice-dai­ly dose of 5.0 mL (age 1–3 years), or 7.5 mL (age 4–5 years). When the chil­dren had an acute ill­ness, they upped their intake to four dos­es dai­ly.

This is anoth­er exam­ple of a safe, effec­tive pre­ven­tion mea­sure you can choose for your chil­dren.


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