Comfrey Root — Apply it to Your Back

Research pub­lished in the British Jour­nal of Sports Med­i­cine now says that top­i­cal treat­ment with com­frey root extract can reduce acute upper and low­er back pain.

In the cur­rent study, pub­lished in May, 2009, Ger­man researchers assessed back pain in 120 patients who either used 4 g of com­frey root oint­ment or a place­bo oint­ment three times dai­ly for 5 days.

Pain inten­si­ty dropped by 95% in the com­frey root extract group, while the peo­ple using place­bo only got 39% bet­ter.

More good news?  The com­frey extract began wip­ing out the pain in under an hour.

Com­frey root extract shows a remark­ably potent and clin­i­cal­ly rel­e­vant effect in reduc­ing acute back pain,” the research team con­clud­ed.   “Reduc­tion of pain and impaired move­ment was fast and cor­re­lat­ed with each oth­er.”


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2 Responses to Comfrey Root — Apply it to Your Back

  1. Georgina says:

    Low back pain is real­ly so hard to han­dle, some­times, yoga exer­cise is a nice option for pain relief.

    • Ron Lavine says:

      Georgina: Here’s my ques­tion for you: How can an indi­vid­ual find a good yoga teacher? In my expe­ri­ence, mere­ly being “cer­ti­fied” doesn’t mean that the teacher is able to zero in on an individual’s needs. Or that the style of yoga being taught is appro­pri­ate. Yoga is a good thing, yet I’ve had patients come who claim they hurt their back in yoga class. Do you have any point­ers for read­ers?

      Ron Lavine, D.C.

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