Just Do This — Part 2

Strengthen your balance every day

Fit­ness requires a lot more than just mus­cle strength and car­dio con­di­tion­ing.  You also need to strength­en your brain and sense of bal­ance.  Here are some easy-to-imple­ment strate­gies

  • Wait­ing for the sub­way?  Prac­tice stand­ing on one foot.  If you feel unsteady, stand near a pole that you can grab onto if need be.
  • On the check­out line at the super­mar­ket? Or brush­ing your teeth?  Stand on one foot.  Be sure to alter­nate sides.
  • When walk­ing down the street, imag­ine that you’re step­ping along an imag­i­nary line, plac­ing one foot direct­ly in front of the oth­er.
  • At the gym?  Prac­tice some of your dumb­bell exer­cis­es stand­ing on just one foot.  Or stand on a bal­ance pad or rock­er board.


Deepen Your Body of Knowledge

The lat­est on mus­cle strength, bal­ance train­ing, and brain fit­ness


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Aaron is a health conscious individual living in the Pacific Northwest.

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