Baby Turnip Recipe

Braised Baby Turnips

If you can find small turnips, try this deli­cious prepa­ra­tion.  It’s easy, deli­cious, and healthy.

Cut off the greens, but save them – you’ll use them lat­er.  Wash them and, unless they’re tee­ny-wee­nie, cut them in half.

Saute a table­spoon or so of minced gin­ger in a pan.

When the gin­ger has soft­ened, add the turnips and the juice of half a lemon.

Pour about a table­spoon of high qual­i­ty bal­sam­ic vine­gar over them.  Stir it up, put a lid on it, and let it sim­mer.

You may need to add a lit­tle water or more lemon juice at some point.

When the turnips are near­ly done, throw the greens in too.

Even­tu­al­ly the turnips will be the per­fect con­sis­ten­cy – hov­er­ing between soft and crunchy.



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