Guest Post: Contact Your Angel of Surrender

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Sweet Surrender!

Have you ever had a dream, felt inspired, moti­vat­ed, excit­ed, and then won­dered if you made “the right” deci­sion?

This sce­nario has come up sev­er­al times for me over the last few weeks as I pre­pare for a two-month trip to Europe lat­er this month.  Inspi­ra­tion strikes, excite­ment reigns, and then voila – doubt creeps in and all that verve flies right out the win­dow – until, that is, I take a deep breath and sur­ren­der. Not always easy to do, let alone remem­ber to do.

I have wit­nessed the same syn­drome as I lis­ten to friends, fam­i­ly, clients, teach­ers and col­leagues – no one seems immune regard­less of how intel­li­gent, spir­i­tu­al or evolved we (think we or they) may be. It’s the human conun­drum.

We all want change – it’s what keeps us alive and grow­ing, whether it’s a new job, a new class or end­ing a rela­tion­ship that’s no longer work­ing.  We have a vision, take steps to attain it, and then crank on the brakes just when things are start­ing to heat up!  Thoughts like “Don’t rock the boat,” “Things aren’t that bad,” “I real­ly have it pret­ty good,” and “What was I think­ing?” rat­tle round inside our brains, knock­ing our visions clear out of sight. Sound famil­iar?

The doubt and appre­hen­sion we feel are often noth­ing more than fear of the unknown. A loss of appear­ing con­trol. The voice of the ego. The part of us that wants to keep things sta­ble, pre­dictable, and stick to the sta­tus quo. Why? Because it is famil­iar. Bah-hum­bug (wrong sea­son, but you get the pic­ture!) As I pon­der my upcom­ing birth­day, I no longer wish, nor can afford, to put my dreams on hold. I have too many to accom­plish before I grow old and no longer have the ener­gy or dri­ve to real­ize them.

At such times, when fear and doubt arise and courage is nowhere to be found,  sur­ren­der is a wel­come ally. When I am down on my knees, obsess­ing over some minor detail, it is a sure-fire sign that fear has tak­en hold. When I remem­ber to relax and take refuge in my High­er Pow­er, I real­ize that I have been try­ing to “do it” alone. Hmm­m­mm… Not always the most help­ful or wis­est course of action.

Call on the Angel of Surrender

Thank God there is an eas­i­er way! Time to get the flag out and call on the Angel of Sur­ren­der.

Should there be some­thing in your life you are obsess­ing or dis­tressed about,  here is a won­der­ful exer­cise to help you let go. I use the name “God,” but you can use what­ev­er name you choose. I like to do it aloud, as I find it much more pow­er­ful, but it can also be done silent­ly.

Exercise in Surrender

1.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Be aware of the rise and fall of your stom­ach as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2.  Then repeat either aloud or silent­ly:

I sur­ren­der every­thing to you, God.”

I sur­ren­der all of my hopes and dreams to you, God.” (Then repeat the sen­tence, nam­ing each hope or desire until you have exhaust­ed your list. Exam­ple: “I sur­ren­der all of my hopes and dreams to trav­el through­out the world as an instru­ment of your peace to you God.”)

I sur­ren­der all of my rela­tion­ships to you, God.” (Again, state each rela­tion­ship by name. For exam­ple, I sur­ren­der all my rela­tion­ship with____ to you God.”)

Repeat this process with each sit­u­a­tion or mind­set in which you expe­ri­ence dis­tress. Work, finances, liv­ing sit­u­a­tion, emo­tions, oth­er peo­ple, etc. are all par for the course. This is a very pow­er­ful and trans­for­ma­tive tool; one which I use per­son­al­ly, as well as in my coach­ing prac­tice. I would love to hear how it works for you, should you decide to try it.

There­sa Con­ti is a Recon­nec­tive Heal­ing™ Prac­ti­tion­er, Trans­for­ma­tion­al Coach and Per­son­al Devel­op­ment Train­er with more than 25 years expe­ri­ence in the heal­ing field. For more infor­ma­tion, please vis­it Theresa’s web­site at


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  1. Alicia Adema says:

    Love the arti­cle! Thanks for post­ing to your site.

    Very well writ­ten and seemed like There­sa was speak­ing direct­ly to me. Great exer­cise too … she leaves you with a way out.

    well done!

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