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The brain evolved to bet­ter serve the needs of the body.  Not the other way around.


I Like Cookies

Actu­ally, I love cook­ies. I’m con­sid­ered a bit of an expert (at least within my own fam­ily) on the mer­its of dif­fer­ent vari­eties of choco­late chip, though occa­sion­ally I’ll free­lance with a brownie or blondie. Or an oat­meal raisin.

Hon­estly, nearly any­thing will do in a pinch. I espe­cially like cook­ies when I’m feel­ing lonely, depressed, angry, frus­trated, anx­ious, or despon­dent. Washed down with a cup of dark roast cof­fee, they cover the entire spec­trum of neg­a­tive emotions.

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Number One Reason People Call Poison Hotline

pill bottle

Pain Killers

Tak­ing dan­ger­ous lev­els of pain killer drugs is the most com­mon rea­son that peo­ple call poi­son hotlines.

Actu­ally, phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prod­ucts rep­re­sent 4 of the top 5 cat­e­gories of toxin that prompt a call to a poi­son con­trol cen­ter. (The other rea­son is house­hold clean­ing products.)

Science Reveals Simple Steps to Health — 4 Latest Examples

Health is sim­ple.  We just keep mak­ing it complicated.

We need all of the high tech med­ical pro­ce­dures and tests that sci­ence can develop.  But huge steps for­ward in health — of indi­vid­u­als and also of soci­ety — can come from imple­ment­ing much hum­bler ideas.  We need to imple­ment sci­en­tific com­mon sense and shared pub­lic health values.

Here are four of the lat­est sci­en­tific research reports that illus­trate this theme.

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Two Things I Learned from My Patient Liz

Liz, a woman in her mid-eighties, had two main problems.

Her first prob­lem was low back pain and weak­ness in her legs – sure signs of spinal steno­sis. In order to under­stand her diag­no­sis bet­ter, I timed her walk­ing down the hall­way in my office. It’s a pretty long hall­way, but still, it took her nearly 40 sec­onds – way too long, if you ask me, even for a woman in her eighties.

What made her prob­lem even more of a chal­lenge was that six months pre­vi­ously she had had surgery that was sup­posed to help her stenosis.

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Two Best Reasons to Shut Your Piehole by 8 pm

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Late in the Evening


To improve your health, orga­nize you daily sched­ule so that you’re not eat­ing any­thing after 8pm (or even 7pm, if you can man­age it).

There are two rea­sons why.

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Feeling Hungry? Actually You’re Thirsty — Hydration Part Two

Wel­come to the sec­ond part of a guest arti­cle on hydra­tion authored by acupunc­tur­ist Karen Flicker.

Hydra­tion Tips

needing hydration

Adding a pinch of sea salt to water helps the kid­neys to retain water so you don’t uri­nate as quickly, sea salt also aids the body to detox­ify. The best is Celtic sea salt or Himalayan sea salt, both loaded with min­er­als and elec­trolytes that help the body to function.

As an ath­lete, if you don’t begin your work­out prop­erly hydrated or aren’t hydrat­ing prop­erly dur­ing activ­ity, dehy­dra­tion can occur via sweat­ing. As lit­tle as 2% dehy­dra­tion can result in a decrease in ath­letic per­for­mance. Of course, thirst is the num­ber one indi­ca­tor that you may be dehydrated.

The best times to hydrate

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We Used to Call It “Drinking” — Now It’s Called “Hydrating”

My guest author for this arti­cle is my col­league Karen Flicker, an acupunc­tur­ist and health edu­ca­tor who prac­tices in Prince­ton, NJ.

She’s focused on an impor­tant health topic — keep­ing your tis­sues hydrated for good health.

Here’s Part 1:

Every­thing You’ve Wanted to Know About Proper Hydra­tion for Good Health

If you’ve waited until you’re thirsty, you’ve waited too long to drink.

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Judgeth Not Those Eating Evil Foods — Not Even Yourself

judge judy

I attended a meet­ing of the Sup­pers Pro­grams last night and heard the inspir­ing story of a mom who helped facil­i­tate the trans­for­ma­tion of her family’s health.

First she recounted the long list of prob­lems her teenage daugh­ter was having –

  • Dif­fi­culty breathing
  • Fre­quent asthma attacks
  • Emer­gency room visits
  • Per­sis­tent skin rashes

And she shared the utter frus­tra­tion she and her daugh­ter expe­ri­enced in try­ing to treat these symp­toms within the med­ical model. They were run­ning from doc­tor to doc­tor, gain­ing — at best – tem­po­rary con­trol over one symp­tom or another, but never mak­ing any real progress.

It was her expo­sure to Dorothy Mullen and the Sup­pers Pro­grams that opened up a new way of look­ing at health.

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Sitting Is the New Smoking

Too much sit­ting is bad for your health. In fact, it’s turn­ing out that pro­longed sit­ting ranks near the top of the list – along with smok­ing and obe­sity – of fac­tors con­tribut­ing to chronic health problems.

When you sit

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